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They saw you don’t talk about religion and politics if you want to keep your relationship smooth with someone. They’re forgetting one more thing: which movie to see!

More often than not, trying to pick a movie to see takes more time than watching the darn movie in the first place! This is where a aggregator of some sort helps as they give you a quick idea of what the movie is about and how the critics and fans feel about the movie. IMDB is one of the forerunners of this category and today we’re going to take a look at IMDB’s Windows phone version.


It’s no secret that Windows doesn’t always get the best reputation when it comes to design and beauty; in fact many go as far as to say that Windows is an ugly operating system. While there certainly are aspects of the platform that aren’t the prettiest to look at, we have seen that there definitely are some beautiful Windows apps out there, and the interfaces themselves are not the only showcases of beauty on Windows.

This list of application icons shows that designers do take care when designing for both the Windows desktop OS and the Windows Phone 7 app icons.


For quite sometime I have been thinking about trying out a photo app. Believe me, the Marketplace has an abundant number of apps related to camera and photos and fhotoroom core seemed very interesting.

Fhotoroom is one of the apps which will help you tweak your images, add styles to it, save and upload to share it with your friends and family. I admit that I am not much of a camera person and so this app is a life saver. And it is always good to have a photo editor in your mobile. Let’s see whether it’s worth your time!


I was strolling through the Marketplace looking for something new and fun with a single, simple rule: no games. That’s when I came across ‘Tools for WP7’. The app consists of a set of well chosen, tiny tools intended as a digital swiss army knife.

Tools for WP7 gives you 20 interesting and productive apps. And when I say productive, I mean productive in a real life sort of way and not in a technology based way. The list just baffled me with the usual suspects as well as some truly funny and weird ones.