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New OSs are always a cause for great excitement, fanboy wars and overall drama. Now that the consumer preview build of Windows 8 has been made available, the internet is overflowing with chatter about the spiffy new OS.

Today, I have a super simply question for you: do you plan to try out the consumer preview build of Windows 8? If not, I’d love to know why!

So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

Microsoft has made this leap year a memorable one. From the masses to the developers everyone got something to be excited about. First up, they eclipsed the entire Mobile World Congress announcements with the consumer preview of Windows 8. With over 100,000 new features, the newest operating system from Redmond is loaded to the hilt with amazing features.

Developing apps for Windows has always been a profitable venture for developers. With the new Metro style, for the first time ever, Windows developers have a chance to one up Mac apps in the eye candy quotient. Thanks to the new Visual Studio 11 beta, a new version of the .NET framework and a bunch of templates and tools, coding for Windows 8 is gonna be a whole lot easier.

After the break, let us check out the major attractions from a bird’s eye view. Read on!


"What's that?" you say. "You know what I'm looking forward to?" Yes. Yes I do. I am many things, but most of them can be lumped into the over-arching group of "geek."

And chances are pretty good that if you're reading about Windows 8 before the beta, you're a geek to. So while shorter boot times, Metro UI, and an updated Windows Explorer certainly features you may be looking forward to, let's look at the real reasons we should care about Windows 8.


I’m a huge fan of the Metro interface that Microsoft has used with the Xbox Dashboard and Windows Phone 7. It’s stylish, modern, and functional when it’s used for these two purposes, and now Microsoft is bringing the Metro interface over to the PC with Windows 8.

I’ve got some mixed feelings about this, and I’d like to share them with you today.


We’re kicking off a new weekly poll today, getting our readers opinion on a different topic each week. Hopefully this will give us all a chance to talk about a relevant issue, share our thoughts, and generally have a chat in the comments!

With Windows 8 slated for release later this year and a developer preview already available, I think a lot of us have played around with Redmond’s revolutionary new OS. Today, I’d like to know which aspect of it you’re looking forward to the most.

Personally, I almost chose Metro but as a Windows Phone user, it’s already old news to me. The feature on my list definitely has to be Windows To Go.

A bootable USB Flash drive with Windows 8 in it, including my programs, settings, and files? Yes, a thousand times yes!

Of course, I picked only the features that have high visibility so I’ve let you, the reader, enter your own little feature as well. Let us know – and do share your thoughts in the comments!

The Windows ecosystem is a very happening place with so much going on every passing day. There might not be an army of blogs covering every move of Microsoft in breathtaking detail, unlike in the case of our fruity competitor. But, that’s why we are here at Windows.AppStorm, right? From the core operating system to gaming and apps, juicy nuggets of information constantly come up.

But most of them might not merit a full length coverage in the traditional AppStorm style. So, at the end of a week, a few times per month, we’ll bring you some of the best Windows app news and updates. App developers, this is a great time to familiarize yourselves with our contact form to submit your news or tips.

Read on after the break for some of this week’s best Windows web app news and updates.


Microsoft recently released the developer build of their upcoming operating system Windows 8, aiming to renew their appeal to more users and the more modern uses of technology – mainly but including more social aspects and building it with tablets in mind.

Today, I’m going to guide you through installaing and using Windows 8 as a Virtual PC. Sounds interesting? Let’s get started after the jump.


During Microsoft’s Build conference earlier last month, Microsoft unveiled Windows 8- Metro UI and all. Everyone is now left wondering whether it is enough to take on the juggernaut that Apple has become. What I feel like people are missing, is that Microsoft is still far ahead in market share. That is, at least on the when it comes to the almighty PC.

Most people who have wanted to switch to Apple or buy an iPad probably already have. Microsoft knows there’s lots of people on the fence about which platform to go to. They are also very aware that the iPhone and the iPad are both gateway drugs to what is largely known as ‘The Apple Kool-Aid’. If executed properly Microsoft can, with Windows 8, begin to close the gap between desktop computing and mobile computing, and become a serious competitor in the mobile market while maintaining their market share in the PC environment.


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