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I am sure I am not alone in the fascination I have with the weather. While storms can be dangerous and do considerable damage I still must confess that I love watching them. I live in an area that gets frequent late-day thunderstorms in summer and an occasional tropical storm in late  summer or fall. During these events I can be found sitting on my porch watching the action. Honestly, I probably should have been a storm chaser.

I constantly check the weather app on my Android phone and weather web sites on my PC. As for the computer, I recently came across an even simpler option than the web browser — Weather Watcher Live for Windows. The app pulls data from multiple sources to give all sorts of useful information and even warnings about severe conditions.


Well, it’s happened. Windows 8 is finally upon us and anyone buying a new PC can expect to find the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system installed and anyone else keen to get their hands on the most recent OS can do so through various channels.

The release of any operating system is greeted with excitement and interest, but the new visual style of Windows 8, and the new options that are available to software developers, means that this is particularly this time around.


Many of us share a mutual fascination with the weather, and use forecasts to do everything from avoiding looking out the window to planning our activity over the next week. The main medium I read a forecast is through my smartphone, but, on Windows Phone 7, there’s a plethora of choices.

In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the available weather apps on Windows Phone.