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Dual screen monitors have become very prevalent these days since it makes every sort of computing work pretty easy. You can do your research on one screen while watching your favourite show on the other; at least that is what I do. Or if you’re the programmer or designer type, you can code on one screen and have the debug window on the other. It’s as rad as it sounds!

But what is the point of having multiple screens if you can’t flaunt with some funky wallpapers? Finding good wallpapers that span both screens seems to be the hardest part and so I took the liberty of finding you guys 60 googly wallpapers. Check them out and enjoy!


Have you been staring at the same drab wallpaper for weeks? Are you starving for some new wallpapers and backgrounds. Do you need something to spruce up your iPad and show off the gorgeous screen? Look no further.

Here are some fantastic wallpaper roundups, there’s something for everybody!

Everyone likes to stamp their own mark on their computer, and many people spend hours on end tweaking settings and using customization tools. But one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the look of Windows is to simply change your desktop background.

You could use a photo that you’ve taken yourself, but if you find that your photography skills are not quite up to scratch, there is a plethora of sites from which you can download all manner of wallpapers. Below you’ll find 50 of the best images we’ve managed to find – some are provided at various resolutions while others are only available in one size. Either way you should be able to find something to adorn your desktop.