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Every operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, and in the case of Linux the ease with which software can be downloaded and updated from a central repository is a big plus point. The various app stores that exist for mobile operating system work in much the same way, and Allmyapps brings similar options to Windows users.

You may have decided against upgrading to Windows 8, but this does not mean that you need miss out on having an app store of your own. Allmyapps is a free service that can be used to browse, install, update and sync your apps across multiple computers.


Robots, TF2, an amazing storyline from Valve and more, bigger robots! What happens when you mix all of them together? Yes, you get the Mann Vs Machine update, the update that has spellbound two different generations of TF2 players (Old School & F2P newbs!) in a matter of 2 days.

Timed perfectly to resuscitate the dwindling interest in TF2, this masterstroke from Valve has already grabbed eyeballs, playtime and lots of $$$. Let’s find out whether you should join this war!


Keeping Windows up to date is part and parcel of regular system maintenance, and it helps to ensure the on-going health of your computer and improves your security levels.

But updating is not just something that applies to Windows – any program you have installed on your computer is prone to vulnerabilities and updates are often released to fix problems and patch holes that have been discovered. Is AutoP the answer?