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It’s been 7 years since the inception of Twitter with Jack Dorsey’s first tweet. Twitter has evolved and grown considerably over time to become the third largest social networking platform just below Facebook and Google + in terms of numbers.

Twitter has undergone lots of changes for better during these years in its user interface, geographic trending topics, the way replies and retweets were made and most importantly its powerful search feature but still avid users like me feel a lacuna and would always ask for more subtle improvements. This is where all the Third party applications that depend on Twitter’s API comes to the rescue. One Such Application that we are going to explore today is Follorep, which helps you to take control of the crux of a Twitter account, your Fans.


Social networks are extremely prevalent in today’s society. You’d probably find it hard to find one person who didn’t have a prominent presence on at least one. However, the market is dominated by the big networks such as Facebook and Twitter. While in this article I will cover these, the big focus will on social networks which are a little less known.

The Windows Phone network gives users a humongous amount of choice so not exploring different options would just be frivolous. Read on to find out about the networks I recommend!


There are a plethora of apps for Twitter with myriad of features in the marketplace, but all the existing apps lack one or more features, some ridden with bugs and others have serious design flaws. At the time when we were all craving for “The One”, the all encompassing app, Mehdoh is here, the most comprehensive Twitter app yet.

So, let us delve deep into the system and see what are the most distinguishing attributes that make Mehdoh the most compelling and indomitable app to tweet on.


Recently I reviewed an app called Twabbit, an advanced Twitter client which gave the user a mass array of different settings and options — definitely not the simplest of apps. However, today I’ll be looking at Rowi, a Twitter client which is far simpler, but, still possesses the features necessary for a solid replacement.

Rowi, similar to Twabbit, is £1.29 for the full version. This means there isn’t any difference in price between the two. However, while Rowi may appear basic first this app can just about bring enjoyment to anyone. Read on to find out more!


If you’re anything like me, a Twitter user and a Windows Phone User, you’ll probably feel a tiny bit disappointed. Looking at the Twitter client for Android and iOS you can quickly see a distinct lack of quality and smoothness which you don’t get with the Windows Phone Official Twitter app. To be honest, it always feels like you’re missing something which makes Twitter the powerhouse social network we all love and use.

In my opinion, it’s time to branch out and look for alternative Twitter apps which will provide a better user experience. When searching through the various options I was often disappointed in service and just how basic some apps were – that’s when I came across Twabbit.

Twabbit is a fully functioning and accessible app which possesses everything you need to use Twitter the way you want to. Read on to find out more!


Depending on your mood and the type of music you want to listen to, you might turn to one of many sources for audio entertainment. You’ve probably got a decent music collection stored on your hard drive, and you could use iTunes to listen to this.

But what about new music, or tracks that you don’t already own? There are a number of online music services available – such as Spotify, Rdio and – so you may find that you’re constantly switching between apps and web sites. This could all come to an end when you start using Tomahawk.


In modern society, social networks have become the norm. Gone are the days of basic communication — we like to share everything else with the world over the web now. Nowadays, I never have to check the news or even look outside my window for the weather – I’m sure that someone’s “Tweeting” about it. However, social networks do take different forms and the majority of us use a few different networks.

Although, keeping in control of every single one is often a hard task. Fliptoast is a brand new Windows 8 app which combines four of the biggest social networks into one easy to use application. Bringing together Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn makes Fliptoast a powerful app which will save you the trouble of navigation and organization.

Read on to find out more!


Twitter, as pretty much everyone now knows, is way more than just another social network. Possibly, the fastest growing network in the online world, Twitter acts as an instant real-time window to everything happening in the world for it’s users thereby imploring them to be online 24×7. Now, most people usually do a lot of tweeting on the go, from their cell phones which is helped by there being a vast array of feature-rich Twitter clients for most mobile ecosystems. The same however, cannot be said about desktop Twitter clients which is a shame since most of us also spend a lot of time on our laptops/desktops and reaching out for the cell every time you receive a mention or need to send a tweet is way too tedious.

The number of desktop Twitter clients is far and few and most of them are resource-hogging and heavy. While I don’t have anything against Tweetdeck, Seismic, Hootsuite, etc but I needed just a Twitter client, not a one stop app filled with all the social networks in the world. This is when I discovered Janetter, a lightweight, smooth and feature filled app which is a worthy contender to be called the best desktop Twitter client.


Think about screen grabbing and two ideas probably spring to mind – hitting the Prnt Scr key or using SnagIt. Taking the later route is a little primitive, while opting to using the latter means having to part with a little cash. SnapCrab – yes, crab, not grab – is a free, highly configurable screen grabbing tool that could just become your new best friend.

At its heart, SnapCrab is very much what you would expect, but it also goes far beyond the capabilities of many other similar tools, and all without requiring you to part with a penny. Whether you are a blogger, a web site owner, a writer or just have some other need to taker screenshots on a regular basis, this may be the tool that makes you rethink the way you work.


Twitter clients are all the rage with app developers. One visit to the Anroid Play Store will prove that. Surprisingly, most of them have decided to stay away from Windows. Rowi is one of those first wave of apps which broke the barrier and embraced Windows with zero compromise to the user experience.

Today we’re going to talk with the wonderful people at Rowi to find the story behind Rowi, their experience with the ecosystem and much more. Join us after the jump to find out.


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