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Earlier this year Microsoft broke my heart by doing away with Live Mesh, a part of what was once known as the Windows Live Essentials suite of apps. In recent times the company has scaled back the service and also taken the Live out of the name, making it simply Windows Essentials.

There are a number of ways to replace Live Mesh — Microsoft would prefer for you to move on to SkyDrive, but the functionality is different, as the cloud serves as an intermediary and if you are syncing more than 7 GB of files then this will cost you. Microsoft also still makes SyncToy available for free, which is the Live Mesh predecessor. I have also used SyncBack SE and can attest that this app is an excellent replacement.

BitTorrent, a legitimate service that has largely been pigeonholed as an illegal file-sharing service, has been producing apps recently that are geared towards helping users with both video streaming and file synchronization, among other things.


How many file synchronization services exist these days? If you find that you are working with more than one computer on a frequent basis using a service such as Google Docs or Dropbox saves you the hassle of having to manually transfer the documents you need as it can all be taken care of for you.

The problem with the vast majority of tools that can be used to synchronize files is that they are based on cloud storage and there are limits on the amount of space you have available to you free of charge. This is not the case with Syncbox which enables you set up one computer as a server which will then push file to your connected devices


Putting your data in the cloud gives you the convenience of accessing it from anywhere. Dropbox is a popular cloud file storage solution that creates a folder on each of your computers. Anything placed in that folder will automatically be synced to other computers attached to your account.

These files are also accessible through the web site and through apps for popular mobile phones such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices. Save a file on your desktop and it will be on your laptop when you’re sitting at a hotel and need to update it. Your files can be accessed anywhere — make sure it’s done so safely!


Anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod will have battled with iTunes. It is a piece of software that is unlikely to feature in many people’s top ten but it’s something that pretty much goes hand in hand with owning an iOS device.

If you live in a house where several people listen to music from iTunes, it makes sense to create a centralized library so that everyone can access the music they want without having to worry about which computer they are using. This is exactly what MediaRover enables you to do.


You hear a lot about file synchronization tools, but why might you want to sync your files? There are many reasons, but two are particularly useful – backing up files and making it easier to move files between computers using a removable UBS drive.

Manually syncing files can be a nightmare, especially if you are working on more than one computer. FreeFileSync does all of the hard work for you, so you can quickly compare the contents of  two folders and copy files in either direction to ensure they are identical.


Let me tell you one thing right up front. I am not a very big fan of Winamp. All you can do is add the songs to playlists — it doesn’t provide you with any features to organize your songs according to your fuzzy needs.

And iTunes? It sure can organize your songs but it’s also very cluttered and bloated. It tries too hard to accommodate everything in a single piece of software.

Songbird sells itself as the ticket out of this madness. Let’s find out whether it lives up to its claims.


Social networks aren’t new. They have been around for years and is not the most novel idea in the tech arena anymore. But that doesn’t mean that social networks have lost their charm. People are still joining old and new social networks in droves. There might be millions of new registrations, but how many folks from the registered user base are actually active?

That’s one metric no social network team would dare to share. If you are into this social concept, there is a very good chance that you have accounts in a bunch of places. That’s a lot of URLs and login credentials to remember. Then there is a lot of personal data uploaded to third party servers which are locked in most cases. SocialFolders steps right in and solves both the problems simultaneously.