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Depending on your mood and the type of music you want to listen to, you might turn to one of many sources for audio entertainment. You’ve probably got a decent music collection stored on your hard drive, and you could use iTunes to listen to this.

But what about new music, or tracks that you don’t already own? There are a number of online music services available – such as Spotify, Rdio and – so you may find that you’re constantly switching between apps and web sites. This could all come to an end when you start using Tomahawk.


As your computer is probably home to scores of videos, a massive music collection and countless digital photos, it makes sense to connect it to your television and sound system so you can enjoy all of this media on a larger screen and with better sound from the comfort of your couch.

While there’s nothing to stop you from using one program to view your photos slideshow, another to listen to music and yet another to watch videos, DVDs and TV, MediaPortal is a free media center tool that enables you to do all of this in one place.


Not only can our smartphones be fantastic tools for business and productivity, they’re great for just wasting time watching video, listening to music and playing games. Back in October, Ben Clark looked at the best of Windows Phone gaming and today we’re going to continue that theme on by looking at some great music and video apps to kill your time (and productivity).