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If you’re anything like me, you’ll be quite used to working with more than one computer at the same time. I’m frequently using my main PC to copy encode video, while using my older machine get on with other things like surfing the web and writing – sometimes, my laptop even gets in on the mix!

Working with two or more computers simultaneously is great, but it does mean that you need a large desk to accommodate the two keyboards and two mice. You could install a KVM switch that lets you use one keyboard and mouse to control two computers, but if you’re looking for a free solution, Multiplicity could be the tool for you.


Most modern operating systems feature similar “desktop” paradigms. Windows is no exception to this. However, as many users notice, the desktop quickly fills up with icons and other shortcuts that you don’t really need. This leads to an organizational nightmare, and the purpose of the desktop, providing quick access to the files, folders, and applications you need, is defeated.

Furthermore, organization is limited to the grid system. There is no way to really “group” certain items together, and no organization beyond making separate sections for your groups. This can lead to confusion and it takes longer to find the things you need. This is where Stardock Fences comes into the picture.