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Social networking has become a part of our life. You probably have accounts in god knows how many social network sites. You tweet, share photos in Flickr, videos in Youtube and do everything in Facebook. Logging into each account everyday can be time consuming and boring. Wouldn’t it be better if you were able to manage all your accounts at once?

Yoono helps you to do just that by letting you access and manage all your social networking accounts in one place. Read on to find out more.


Facebook has become an integral part of our lives — it’s really not an exaggeration. We can’t eat, sleep or perform any of our daily chores without sneaking a peek at what others are up to or telling people what we are up to.

We are not chained to a desktop all day. So how do we check what our friends are up to on the go? This is where Facebook app for windows mobile comes in handy.