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Over the years, Microsoft has bundled several useful utility apps with their flagship Windows operating systems. Sadly, screen capturing is not one of them. Sure, you can press “Prnt Scrn” and paste it in Paint as you’ve always done, but it doesn’t work for most of us. The same applies to the half-cooked Snipping tool, shipped along with certain flavors of Windows 7.

At AppStorm, our work involves a lot of images and screenshots. We need a powerful tool to satisfy our huge appetite. Are you like us, who is in dire need for the ultimate tool to satisfy your taste buds? Look no beyond! Today, I’m going to introduce you to SnagIt, the most sought after screen recording platform.


There are many times you may wish to capture something from the screen for future use or reference. Up until now, you may have used a combination of print screen, a paint program to edit, and then a final copy to your application.

Techsmith has blown open the simple printscreen button to give you many and varied screen capture options but how does it work in practice, and does it really offer enough beyond your current print screen / edit process to warrant its ~£40 price tag? Let’s find out….