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Google Reader is going away. You have, by now, heard that Google is shutting down its popular Reader program. There are countless programs jumping forward to take the place of the the soon to be departed RSS reader. While Google’s mostly unsupported, at least recently, app is web-based, not all of the alternatives are.

There are both software and web apps that can fill the void, but many are under heavy traffic right now, so do not judge them by the way they currently work. In fact, the one I chose gave me a message upon sign-up that I was almost 47,000 down in the upload queue for my OPML file. After four days, I remain more than 7,000 behind and waiting.

However, that is not my only option, and I intend to test multiple sources for a replacement to my beloved Reader app, and I am looking at both web and desktop-based solutions. First up is a software program called Snackr. I am not sure I want to go with a desktop-based solution, but I am willing to try it.