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I really wanted to know what the fuss with the cloud was all about. And since we’re at the Windows portion of AppStorm, we’re taking a look today at SkyDrive, Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Drive and Apple’s iCloud.

But instead of trying the desktop app, I wanted to try out the mobile version because creating a usable, functional mobile app is that much more harder than creating one for the desktop. So let’s get started!


The Windows ecosystem is a very happening place with so much going on every passing day. There might not be an army of blogs covering every move of Microsoft in breathtaking detail, unlike in the case of our fruity competitor. But, that’s why we are here at Windows.AppStorm, right? From the core operating system to gaming and apps, juicy nuggets of information constantly come up.

But most of them might not merit a full length coverage in the traditional AppStorm style. So, at the end of a week, a few times per month, we’ll bring you some of the best Windows app news and updates. App developers, this is a great time to familiarize yourselves with our contact form to submit your news or tips.

Read on after the break for some of this week’s best Windows web app news and updates.