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I’m a huge fan of simulators, and the majority of my articles on Windows.Appstorm are about them. I’ve recently discovered one that is the perfect blend of accurate physics simulation, coupled with the objective of being fun and none-too-serious. This game is called Kerbal Space Program and has gotten me hooked, now I’d like to share .

So what do you do? Well as of the latest Alpha version 0.15, you can build rockets and spaceplanes which you launch and fly yourself into orbit around a fictional earth-like planet called Kerbin with two moons, the Mun and Minmus. The pilots of your creations are the Kerbals, their dream is to go where no Kerbal has gone before.


As I promised in my Flight Simulator article, today I am reviewing the Orbiter Space Simulator. A single-man project created by Dr. Martin Schweiger, Orbiter has existed for around five years.

Despite being a single-man project, Orbiter is beautifully made with the greatest care and attention to detail put into making it realistic, and enjoyable.

One of the greatest functions of any computer is the ability to recreate situations, scenarios, and perform simulations. Since they became aimed at the consumer, aircraft simulator sales have been tremendous.

Today I would like to share some of my personal favourites with you. Whether you are an avid hobbiest or just intrigued, this selection should be of some interest you.