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The internet is so vast is can be difficult to know quite where to begin when you go online looking for entertainment. Hit Facebook, Twitter or other social networks and you’ll find links to hilarious pictures, ridiculous stories and news.

But where do people posting these links find these sites? There’s a chance that they have used StumbleUpon, and the new Windows 8 app enables you to discover best the internet has to offer as well.


For day to day tasks Windows Explorer gets the job done, but it is far from being the most versatile file manager that’s available. If you spend a good proportion of your time working with files – organizing them, backing them up, searching, etc – you’ll quickly find that Explorer leaves a lot to be desired.

There is a burgeoning market for Explorer replacement tools, and the use of the word ‘market’ should come as an indication that many of these tools come at a price. The same cannot be said of FileMind (for the time-being, at least) which is an astonishingly good file manger which I wanted to share with you.


If there is one thing you need to hand to Apple, it’s the fact that they made getting software easy. Because of the iPhone App Store, Blackberry created App World, Google revamped the market, and Apple themselves spun off a Mac version of the store.

It’s pretty much expected now that if you have a platform, you’d need a store, even though just five years ago you had to go hunting for apps. Unfortunately, Windows does not yet have a centralized place to get software. Lucky for you, I know just where to find it.