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Evolve is a small independently developed and published free client and website built for serious gamers.

Evolve is not game distribution software. It’s not set out to be a commercial program. It isn’t spammed with advertisements. It’s meant to work alongside other software. Unlike Steam, Origin,, Uplay, or most other programs out there, you can use it to centralise your entire gaming experience. Although often confused with them, it isn’t a replacement for any of the programs listed above.


Every article which I write needs to be accompanied by images. These images showcase the app that I’m trying to explain and allow readers to understand the article easier. Most of these images come in the form of screenshots which give an exact replication of what you would see when you use the app. However, recently I became annoyed by the tireless standard process of print screening then loading into an editor to perfect and resize the image. This method was long and annoying.

Then I found LightShot, an app which makes the screenshot experience far easier. By collecting the screenshot and editor together in the same package my life became a lot easier. Read on to find out how to use Lightshot.