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Screen capturing is not something that every computer user needs to do, but for others it is absolutely essential. Writing about software for AppStorm means that it’s something I need to do on a daily basis, and there are a multitude of apps available for anyone in my position.

Windows’ Sniping Tool is available to users of Windows 7 and 8, but it is very basic and I for one have found that the commercial program Snagit is amazingly versatile. But Greenshot is a free alternative which just goes to show there is no need to spend money on a screen capture tool.


While there’s a lot to be said for replacing your existing monitor with a larger one, adding a second screen may actually prove to be more useful. There are a number of advantages to setting up a dual display system, the first of which is that it is considerably cheaper than buying a supersized screen.

Getting setup up is a simple matter of plugging in your two monitors, but you’ll quickly find that Windows offers very few options for controlling the way your display. DisplayFusion, on the other hand, provides you with a raft of tools that makes a multi-monitor system even more helpful and easy to use.


How big is your monitor? Big enough? There are very few people who could honestly say that their monitor would not benefit from being a bit larger; who wouldn’t love to have a 32 inch screen in front of them to work with?

But few people invest in such large monitors, with both cost and physical desk space being issues. Another option is to add a second monitor to your computer, but if space is at a premium, this may not be possible. This is where virtual desktops come into their own, and nSpaces is a great free tool that not only gives you more space, but also enables you to group related applications and windows together.


Adding a second monitor to your computer is one of the best things you can do to help increase productivity, make games more enjoyable and make it easier to work with multiple programs at the same time. While Windows gives you some control over the displays you have connected, MultiMonitorTool gives you more options and could help make your dual display setup even more productive.

Available free of charge, this simple utility does not even need to be installed – just unzip and run. It is important to note from the offset that this is a tool that is designed to work with a desktop that has been extended across two monitor; if you are set up in desktop duplication mode, there is no point in using MultiMonitorTool.


There may be many times where you or someone you know could use a little help finding or doing something on the computer. Calling or emailing someone text directions can be a big problem. Also, you may want to show something on your screen to customer service or send something funny to a friend. To do these cool things you will need an application that can handle the task and that is where Jing comes in.

Jing is a simple way to capture and share what is going happening on your computer screen. Jing also has cool share functions that integrate with Interested? Of course you are! Read on to find out what I think of Jing!


There are many times you may wish to capture something from the screen for future use or reference. Up until now, you may have used a combination of print screen, a paint program to edit, and then a final copy to your application.

Techsmith has blown open the simple printscreen button to give you many and varied screen capture options but how does it work in practice, and does it really offer enough beyond your current print screen / edit process to warrant its ~£40 price tag? Let’s find out….