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Over the past few weeks on Windows.Appstorm I’ve looked at two well crafted Twitter clients called Twabbit and Rowi. Both of them have impressed me and caused me to ditch the basic app which has annoyed and frustrated me in the past. By altering the flaws that the official client possessed these apps create a Twitter experience which is much better equipped for Windows Phone users.

But, it would be pointless using two different Twitter clients when they both do the same thing, wouldn’t it? In this article I’m going to pit Twabbit and Rowi against each other and discover which app is the best to use. Read on to find out which one I prefer.


Recently I reviewed an app called Twabbit, an advanced Twitter client which gave the user a mass array of different settings and options — definitely not the simplest of apps. However, today I’ll be looking at Rowi, a Twitter client which is far simpler, but, still possesses the features necessary for a solid replacement.

Rowi, similar to Twabbit, is £1.29 for the full version. This means there isn’t any difference in price between the two. However, while Rowi may appear basic first this app can just about bring enjoyment to anyone. Read on to find out more!


Twitter clients are all the rage with app developers. One visit to the Anroid Play Store will prove that. Surprisingly, most of them have decided to stay away from Windows. Rowi is one of those first wave of apps which broke the barrier and embraced Windows with zero compromise to the user experience.

Today we’re going to talk with the wonderful people at Rowi to find the story behind Rowi, their experience with the ecosystem and much more. Join us after the jump to find out.