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While OS X is available, officially, on only five products, you can get Windows in all shapes and sizes. Walk into a store that sells computers and you’ll probably find aisles appended with more aisles of computers running Windows, in various designs and form factors, and, most certainly, with different price tags.

While this strategy helps to push a dominating market share for Windows, it’s not a great retail experience and does very little to promote stellar products amongst the mediocre ones. And, it’s probably why critically-aclaimed products like the Surface (side note: yes, I know the device hasn’t actually been reviewed, but it’s been well received, conceptually at least) will ultimately not see the same level of success as the iPad. Perhaps one day Windows 8 might overtake iOS as the dominate tablet platform, but the hardware itself will likely sell far less units than Apple’s. Let’s investigate… (more…)

A new version of Windows on the horizon means that a lot of us are scrambling to put together a plan to get our rigs on the latest and greatest OS as quickly as possible. An easier task said than done!

With Microsoft rumored to drop the retail version for Windows 8, I can’t help but recount my license choices in the past. I’m an OEM man myself, preferring to put together my own rigs and OEM almost always seemed to be the right choice.

This week I’d like to know which type of license you’re rocking. I’d love to hear from you!

So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!