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The failure of a hard drive can be one of the most devastating things to happen to any computer user – within the realms of computing, at least – particularly if you are unprepared and have not been particularly diligent at creating regular backups.

Should the worst happen to you, you could sent your drive off to a team of data recovery experts, but you’ll have to pay a fairly hefty fee if you want your files back. But there are plenty of occasions when your files may not be accessible due to a no-physical problem with your drive, and TestDisk is a free tool that could get your data back without the need to part with a penny.


It is very hard to place a value on your hard drive. The drive itself may not be all that valuable, but it is likely that many of the files you have stored on it are irreplaceable and completely priceless.

If you can’t imagine living without your digital photograph collection or losing the years of work you have stored on your computer, you need a backup plan. CrashPlan is a free backup tool that could be just what you have been looking for.


How many times have you have you tried to install a program, or perform some other task, only to be told that you need to close all of the programs you have running? In all likelihood, this is something that has happened to you more than once, and it can be deeply annoying.

SmartClose is a great tool to have on hand to when situations like this arise. Not only can it quickly shut down all of your running applications and processes, but also temporarily disable your screensaver to prevent it from interrupting whatever you are doing.