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Do you hate it when you have to skip a song when you clean your house and your computer, which is playing it, is way back in the other room? Or think about this scenario – you hang out on your system after a long day at work and you go to your bed and forgot to turn if off? No one wants to get out of the cozy bed just to shut it down. Well… I don’t.

From now on, you can control your system from where you are using PC Remote! All you have to do is, have a Windows Phone, download the app and use it. PC Remote is loaded with a great deal of useful features. Let’s take a look at it.


Network admins have to think about looking after large numbers of computer, but even home users find that there are often two, three or even more PCs to tend to. If you find yourself having to maintain multiple machines, you’ll probably want to avoid having to physical access each one wherever possible.

This is something that AdminToys Suite can help with, making it possible to monitor and administer not only the computer you are sitting in front of, but also others that are connected to the same network.