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You might be asking why you would want to use a third-party remote desktop application seeing as Windows comes with Remote Desktop as standard. Many of the reasons do not become apparent until you actually use another application for remote desktop and realise what else is possible…

With TeamViewer, the way you connect to your computer is different (in a good way), but leaving that aside for the moment, the real strength of TeamViewer is its multi-platform nature. The supported platform list includes; Windows (including Windows 8), OS X, Linux, the TeamViewer web app, Android devices and iOS devices. As you can see the list of supported platforms is pretty exhaustive! This article reviews the Windows application, and gives a brief rundown of a couple of the other platforms.


It never fails. You have a file on your desktop back home, but you’re at a hotel or at a coffee shop with your laptop and you need to get to that file. Or perhaps you need access to an email back on your computer at home.

Whatever reason that you need to get back to your computer at home, there is a simple way to get the experience of sitting at your computer anywhere with access to the Internet. Let’s find out how!