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Spotify is an application which has seen massive success across the globe with both its desktop and mobile versions. Spotify, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a database of millions of songs which can be listened to free of charge. The service is also available in subscription services giving users access to much more. However, another service which has stared to see massive growth, especially in America, is Rdio.

Similar to Spotify, Rdio has a desktop and mobile form factor. However, today I’ll be mainly focusing on the mobile version of the application. This, in my opinion, is far better than Spotify’s alternative and is well worth a thorough review.

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In the Windows Phone Elite series I try to show readers apps which will be fantastic on their phone and be a big part of their day. For me, music is a massive part of everyday and listening to my favourite songs is a great way to get through mountains of work. In this article I’m going to look at some of the best applications for your Windows Phone which will allow you to listen to music quickly and to a high standard.

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