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If you are not familiar with it, Rainmeter is a great free app for customizing your Windows desktop. The latest version, 2.5, is now available in beta form and comes with a number of changes and enhancements.

The beta is currently being updated every week — on Sunday to be precise. There are changes and fixes in every new version and a changelog can found on the web site.


Some people are blissfully content with the default Windows desktop interface. And then there are people like me — I absolutely needs to customize the living heck out of everything I use. While various parts of Windows are quite customizable, the desktop itself is a monolith that doesn’t want to be customized. Switching wallpapers and moving around your icons is all you’ve been able to do so far…

Rainmeter is an application that aims to give your desktop a complete overhaul replete with eye candy. Does it do its job and do it well? Let’s find out!