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An “app store,” the first and eponymous one being introduced by Apple for the iPhone, makes discovering, installing, and updating applications easy for casual and advanced users. Microsoft has tried to emulate Apple with its own Windows Phone Store, but the desktop personal computer has been left out (game services such as Desura or Valve’s Steam, notwithstanding). A company called Sweetlabs is changing this with Pokki.


We’re all familiar with applications that show off websites as native Windows applications, such as Prism and Google Chrome’s “Application Shortcuts”. However, these apps really don’t have much of an advantage over just using a web browser. There isn’t a whole lot more you can do with them and the sites look the same in the desktop window as they do in a browser tab.

This is where¬†Pokki comes in. It’s a brand new application, currently in beta, that aims to bridge the gap between websites and desktop applications by creating site-specific desktop applications.