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Whether we’re updating our Facebook profile picture or going out searching for the best scenes on earth, we all need a tool to edit with. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are definitely not cheap though. As well as the cost part, programs like Adobe are often very hard to use and take a considerable amount of time to grasp. The learning curve, as it were, is pretty steep.

I digress. Image editing can often be a struggle. And finding the right tool is harder than one might like to think as it takes a non-trivial amount of effort to actually find the best program for you. Photoscape is a free service which hopes to completes these tasks easily and effectively! Read on to find out more!


A picture is worth a thousand words and a moving image can say even more.  Cliplets is a unique tool from Microsoft that enables you to create something that bridges the gap between still images and videos.

This free software lets you combine still and moving elements of video footage into a ‘cliplet’. This is essentially an image that includes a small amount of movement, or movement in only one area – the effect is quite spectacular.