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When I laid my eyes and lent my ear to all the hype surrounding Defiance, I was impressed. It was an ambitious concept that brought together a lot of elements together and concentrated on the marriage of these elements. A massively multiplayer, huge world; combination of RPG and FPS, just like Borderlands; A parallel TV series that will run along the game; and I was totally impressed.

However, at the back of my mind, there was a lingering thought, a possibility that, given that the game was coming from Trion Worlds, a master in MMO field given its last product ‘Rift’, had a slight chance of occurring. What if the marriage of these elements was too much and it failed? The entire game would collapse and we would have nothing out of a brilliant concept. Unfortunately, despite my finger crossing and all sorts of voodoo, the worse happened. (more…)

The word of the day is seldom. It seldom happens that a game is outshone by its successor. It seldom happens that a virtual world feels so real that when your stay in it ends, you relive it in your dreams, you reconstruct it from the mappings of the place in your mind. It seldom happens that you fall in love with virtual characters, develop emotional bonds with pieces of codes and treat them as your companions in a journey. Seldom.

BioShock Infinite is that seldom, it is that seldom which has reincarnated how games are perceived, how games are projected and how they should be in the years to come. It is a 10/10 and, without any more seldom, let me show you why this can be 2013’s Game of the Year.


If there is a game character that has populated the fantasies of gamers around the world for time eternal, it is the legendary tomb raider, Lara Croft. Be it the ‘proportionally’ designed Lara, the challenging elements of game play, the seemingly impossible acrobatics or the enthralling action sequences, the Tomb Raider series has had everything for everyone.

So, when a reboot of the franchise was announced, it definitely rang a bell somewhere in the center of my heart. More than that, the game was to revolve around the origin of my virtual ladylove, Miss Croft, and that mattered more than anything. Now, after a few hours of ending the game, I am overwhelmed with a lot of feelings, with peace and satisfaction being the primary ones.


To the uninitiated, the title might seem pretty bland for a game with so much hype around it. But those who know who the ‘baldy’ being referred to here is, well, they are probably flying in anticipation right now. Because this is no ordinary bald guy we are talking about here, he is Agent 47, the original assassin. And when he is without a gun, you definitely know he is up to killing baddies in the most interesting, grotesque, bone-chilling manner.

Yes, Agent 47 is back with a vengeance and he has an impossible target to achieve. In its pursuit, Hitman: Absolution revives the best aspects of the series that has been dead for half a decade. Absolution shines, take a look at how! (more…)

We all have played games that promise us open worlds and the freedom to pursue any mission in a variety of ways. Well, most of the time there are a couple of options given to the players under that banner, nothing more. False promises, I say. But then, there are those games, and there is Dishonored.

Dishonored is a game that has it all figured out right from the beginning. Be it the storyline, the characters, the artwork, the combat system or the missions, Dishonored comes across as an embellished title that leaves nothing to be desired. It burgeons towards the finale with a quick pace, leaving the gamers spellbound and completely entwined in the alleys of Dunwall and the life of Corvo Attano, the protagonist with supernatural abilities. So, are you ready to experience all of that and more? Well then, let me describe this beautiful journey to you!


When Borderlands was released in 2009, it proved to be a surprise hit due to its extremely addictive co-op gameplay. In fact, I clearly remember missing out on the initial action due to my offhand dismissal of the game as another-boring-coop. A horrible misjudgment, I must add. However, when Borderlands 2 was announced, I did not want to repeat that same mistake and preordered it immediately.

What followed was hours spent in the Borderlands universe, ogling at the visual details, following the engrossing storyline, and killing anything that moved. Gentlemen, I am talking about a potential game of the year right here! But how does Borderlands 2 improve upon an already great game? Well, read on to find out more!


For those of us who remember the 90’s with a certain level of fondness, you may have been a fan of some of the brilliant Sci-Fi strategy games of the era. Amongst such brilliant titles such as Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Starcraft stood one of the mightiest examples of the turn-based-strategy genre ever created: Master of Orion II.

Featuring great visuals and sound, an intuitive interface, and almost limitless depth, MOO2 (as it was lovingly referred to as by fans) became an instant classic. Unfortunately, a disappointing sequel amongst other things swept the series away on the winds of time, never to see a sequel again. However, the legacy of Master of Orion has by no means been lost! A new title flying under the moniker of Endless Space seeks to bring back a bit of the strategy that made MOO2 so engaging. Does it succeeed? Read on.


It used to be so simple. Ten years ago, you could walk into a gaming shop and find PC games taking up the majority of the space. PC games were all the rage, completely dominating sales – yes, it’s hard to believe. Today, the industry is split up into different sections; with the consoles becoming the forerunners.

However, there’s still a part of PC gaming which prospers greatly around the world. The Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game.

Read on to find out more!


PC gaming in current years has lost its sheen since a big portion of the gaming crowd has transferred to console gaming. When visiting game shops, the PC game section is small and not varied compared to the vast number of games for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Is Steam the answer to PC gaming’s woes? Does Steam really supply what the PC gaming market needs? Let’s find out!