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A few years back I needed to edit some images and went out looking for an image editor that could do everything I needed, and most importantly, it had to be free as I was a poor freelancer! I downloaded a few and dived in to see how easy it was to complete a few general tasks like rotating images, adding layers, changing colours and re-sizing images for use on the web. It goes without saying that this is standard fare for image editors, but some do it in a better way than others. To my mind Paint.Net is one of those that does it in a way that is easy to pick up and yet still affords all of the power of the expensive apps.

Paint.Net was originally intended as a free replacement for Microsoft Paint that comes with Windows. It started life as a development project for some undergraduate developers, mentored by Microsoft. According to the site it is still maintained by a number of the alumni that originally worked on the project. Read on to see if this powerful yet simple application is for you.