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We’ve all had those days where we wish our computer was working just a little bit faster. We close all the programs that we aren’t using, but nothing works. That’s where JetBoost comes in!

Whether you need to speed up your computer for intensive graphic / processing work, or you need more available RAM for gaming, JetBoost can be the right solution for almost anyone’s need. Let’s go check it out if this software can help you out.


Your system is running slow again. Starting up your computer is excruciatingly painful. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that you don’t shut it down for days just to avoid waiting for it to start up. You haven’t cleaned up your registry in a while. You haven’t even cleared out your browsing history since you bought the machine.. You know you need to fix it, but there’s so many problems you don’t even know where to start. Well Wise Care 365 might be for you, because it’ll do everything in one place.

This all-in-one system cleaner can help speed up your computer and clean up your files, leaving you with a fresher and cleaner experience. Read more for the full review and usage walk through.


Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway. I’m excited to let you know that the winners have now been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:


Congratulations again to the lucky winners — please get in touch at windows [at] appstorm [dot] net. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions and giveaways!


When Google released Chrome the web browser quickly became a popular choice, first among tech people, and then spreading to average users. Much of it’s appeal is it’s ability to be customized and it’s minimalistic appearance. Tweaking the web browser to your personal liking and tastes can make your user experience even better.

There are a number of ways to go about this, but the first, and easiest, place to start is in the basic Chrome settings. From there you can move on to more customized areas and even to user scripts, which can get a bit more complicated, but should not scare off an experienced computer user.


One of the major pain points of using a Windows PC is the constant attention it needs to secure and optimize it. However, things have improved to a great extent with the current crop of Windows releases. Besides, there a ton of quality apps available to help you make the experience a whole lot better.

In fact, with the right set of apps, you can actually optimize, tune and push the limits of your hardware. After the break we have compiled a list of apps that will come in handy to make the most out of your desktop. Check it out!


Every PC starts its life performing to the best of its capability. As the computer ages, the performance slowly degrades due to errors, junk files, malwares and other assorted niggles.  Are you longing to get your PC back to its former potential?

Help is at hand with Advanced SystemCare 5, a PC analyzer and optimizer application that fixes the errors in your PC and tunes it back to its former glory. Let’s find out whether it’s worth your while.


To the average denizen of the 21st century, the smartphone has become to say the least, the essential accessory. Whether you’re in need of checking emails, snapping impulse photographs, playing a questionably riveting round of Angry Birds, or I dare say make a call, your trusty touch-screen is the place to go.

Of course it’s no secret that the the mobile phone was not always this glorious; back in the day the only real portable telephone you could get your hands on was the size of a brick and weighed – just as much. Even then, you would be restricted to the then-revered practice of just making a call. Of course times have changed, and we now live in an age of all sorts of pocket-size wonder. In this, there are many parallels to the ways that other technologies have matured and branched, and this is what I intend to look into.


In a gamer’s life, there is nothing more interesting than the announcement of a title that’s been long awaited. I clearly remember being super excited right before the release of Battlefield 3 and totally charged up when DotA 2 was unveiled last August. However, my excitement was cut short by the realization that my PC might not be able to handle the load of these ‘heavy’ games.

While a game’s performance depends upon the specifications of the system (fellow geeks, read that as CPU, RAM, HDD, PSU & GPU), optimization is another facet that is frequently ignored by most gamers. Having the juice in your components and keeping the juice flowing when it matters are totally different scenarios, and I am going to focus on the latter one here. So, are you interested in getting the best possible performance out of your PC while playing your favorite games? Read on to find out how!


If you are a power user, you probably like customizing everything from your browser to your operating system. Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a free app that lets you tweak your Windows installation to make it your very own.

It’s powerful and comes with a lot of features. Let’s see what you can do with Ultimate Windows Tweaker.


MSConfig is a great little utility to tweak your machine’s boot up routine. With just a few tweaks, you can increase the loading speed on your home, work, or just any type of PC!

In this article, I’m going to show you how to run MSConfig’s tool, and I will guarantee that the speed of your computers boot will increase (Providing you’ve not used MSConfig before that is).


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