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To the average denizen of the 21st century, the smartphone has become to say the least, the essential accessory. Whether you’re in need of checking emails, snapping impulse photographs, playing a questionably riveting round of Angry Birds, or I dare say make a call, your trusty touch-screen is the place to go.

Of course it’s no secret that the the mobile phone was not always this glorious; back in the day the only real portable telephone you could get your hands on was the size of a brick and weighed – just as much. Even then, you would be restricted to the then-revered practice of just making a call. Of course times have changed, and we now live in an age of all sorts of pocket-size wonder. In this, there are many parallels to the ways that other technologies have matured and branched, and this is what I intend to look into.


It’s been over a decade since it first came out, but in my opinion Windows XP is one of the greatest versions of its series to ever be released. A combination of stability and simplicity led to it being adopted quickly wordwide, and it remains amongst the most-used operating systems today, despite the distribution of it’s successors Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Though it becomes officially obselete and unsupported in 2014, I would like to explain why Windows XP remains best for me.


Video games have become, to say the very least, the pastime of choice in the 21st century. The affordability and flexibility offered by games consoles has put one in almost any home with a television, whilst smartphone gaming has given the once-niche device category a whole new dominion.

Among this wave of mainstream gaming choices, it’s easy to neglect the PC gaming scene. The platform was once king of the jungle for the reason that back in the day, the only household device powerful enough to play any sort of game was your home computer. Indeed, timeless classics such as Elite and Worms are a reminder of the golden era that the PC used to reign over. For better and for worse, times have now changed, and PC gaming has begun to slide into obscurity.

However, the platform may have an ace up its sleeve.


For decades now, us, PC users, have been tarnished by the Apple crowd for a number of reasons. Not least among them is that Apple hardware is always better than PC hardware.

At the core of their assumptions are a couple of stereotypes. And I assure you, these are stereotypes. Let’s take a good, hard look at the current state of affairs and find out the reality, shall we?