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These things seem to go in cycles. I spent four posts looking at ways you could cut the cord and, while this is not a series, it is still my second post about getting your music library organized. Perhaps it is simply because mine is such a total mess. Regardless of my personal procrastination with music libraries I do sometimes try and fix it up and I have an array of apps I have found over the years to aid me in my quest to accomplish this hopeless task.

The last time around, I talked about MP3Tag (my favorite app by the way), but this time around I wanted to show you an app I found even before that — MP3 Renamer. In fact, this was one of the first ones to become a staple in my armory to combat that dreaded, bloated pile of music that I both love and hate.


Whether you are working with music files you have ripped or otherwise acquired, organizing your digital photo collection, or almost any other type of file, the problem of having to rename large numbers of files is one that we all face from time to time.

Rather than manually renaming your photos so they are more easily identifiable, or renaming individual music tracks one by one, you can turn to FiRE – the File Renaming Engine – to do the hard work for you.