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Having used Symbian, Windows Mobile, Meego and iOS in the past, and settled on Android for the past 18 months, I have been quite excited to check out Windows Phone’s current offer in terms of ecosystem, OS, and devices. Thus, for the past couple of months, I have been using a Nokia Lumia 800 (running WP 7.5) as my secondary device, along with my primary HTC Desire Z (running ICS). After a series of ups and downs, I have found a lovely cocoon with both platforms, although the back and forth between them is highlighting all the exclusive features in each that I wish existed on the other.

Here, I will tackle the Android features that I really hope make it to Windows Phone whereas on our sister site Android.Appstorm, you will find the Windows Phone features that I would like to have on Android. These points will be based on the out of the box options of each, neglecting what could possibly be done with rooting, unlocking, custom ROMs, homebrews, et al.


If you could go back in time a year ago and come visit myself, I’d have met an iPhone-toting Apple fanboy who couldn’t say two sentences without bad mouthing Windows. Thankfully, I’m not like that person anymore thanks to the rationality of Paul Thurrott and the totalitarianism of Apple over their devices and software.

So I became a dedicated Windows user, but I was still stuck with my iOS device. Last week I finally removed those shackles and picked up a Windows Phone running 7.5 “Mango”, and I’m going to review some of my favorite features in this article. I’m not going to compare 7.5 to 7.0 since I don’t go that far back, so this review comes from the point-of-view of a converted iOS user.