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One thing Microsoft can be counted on is propping up third-party software companies. After all, every time the company launches a new version of the Windows operating system an entire ecosystem of new apps begins popping up around the web. Windows 8 has already proven to be no different, especially with the plethora of options that have cropped up to give users access to that Start menu that many users seem to think that they just can’t live without.

Aside from the missing Windows 95 relic, Windows 8 has provided coders with the chance to design all new maintenance and utility apps and EnhanceMy8 is one of the latest to come along. The app comes with many of the usual tools included in any Windows maintenance utility, but it is geared towards the brand new OS.


A computer is unlike most other pieces of electronics you may have around your home. Once you’ve have your TV set up, you don’t expect to have to look after it much beyond giving it a wipe down every now and then, and the same is true of your radio, refrigerator and countless other household goods. Your computer, however, is more like your car – it needs regular, on-going attention to ensure that it continues to run smoothly.

Left unmaintained for too long, your PC will start to slow to a crawl, boot times may dramatically increase and all manner of other problems can star to creep in. Windows includes a number of tools that can be used to ensure the health and performance of your system, but Puran Utilities is a collection of tools that can help you to maintain any version of Windows without the need to hunt high and low for different utilities.


Every PC starts its life performing to the best of its capability. As the computer ages, the performance slowly degrades due to errors, junk files, malwares and other assorted niggles.  Are you longing to get your PC back to its former potential?

Help is at hand with Advanced SystemCare 5, a PC analyzer and optimizer application that fixes the errors in your PC and tunes it back to its former glory. Let’s find out whether it’s worth your while.