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What’s your typing speed like? Like most people, you probably like the idea of being able to type a little faster – I include myself in this number, as I write for a living, so the ability to get words down more quickly is something to be welcomed.

If you spend a great deal of time typing, it’s pretty easy to build up your words per minute to a more than acceptable levels, But even if you only have to type letters and other documents fairly infrequently there’s still a lot you can do to speed things up – using AutoText for example.


There are countless routine tasks you perform at your computer time and time again. You might launch the same set of programs, type the same set phrases, click the same menu options in applications time and time again.

Rather than doing all of this manually, you can turn to JitBit Macro Recorder to do the hard work for you, saving you not only effort, but also time