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Virtualization used to be the domain of system administrator, hardcore geeks and specialized industries, but nowadays it is a far more common practice. While software that could be used to run virtual copies of an operating system used to costs hundreds, there are now plenty of tools available that let you do the job free of charge.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to create a virtual machine, but for the average user there are three that dominate: a desire to try out another operating system without the need to configure a multi-boot system, a need to run an older version of Windows for the sake of compatibility with older software, or the need to create a sandboxed environment in which to try out software without putting the main operating system at risk


Everyone’s folders are cramped full to the brim and often finding files can be a major struggle. Recently though, I found a developer which had decided he needed a change. So, he decided to design a program called 7stacks.This app makes your folders easier to view and more aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t be swayed straight away though! 7stacks is available for Vista and XP too. Read on to find out more!


Apple has brought us innovations beyond believe, enriching our everyday lives with their products and giving superb service. Their technology amazes, inspires and excites people all over the world. However, there’s still a majority of us who admire Apple, but are dedicated Windows users.

One of Apple’s unique features is their amazing interface with beautiful graphics. This has caused developers to take the best parts and transfer them over to Windows. 3RVX is a simple service which gives you volume display of Mac OS X on your Windows desktop. Read on to find out whether its worth your time!


Apple commanded much of the technology industry’s attention today, as its CEO, Tim Cook, took the stage (naturally, only after Siri welcomed the crowd by video) at Moscone West in San Francisco to talk to an audience of thousands. One of Apple’s main announcements was OS X Mountain Lion, the next version of their desktop operating system that was shown off to a select few earlier in the year.

Even if you’re a diehard Windows user, it’s difficult to argue against the fact that the user base of Mac users is growing. With Microsoft readying to release a pretty different version of Windows, let’s take a recap over the key features of Mountain Lion, and how it stacks up with what Microsoft has on the table.


Up until a few years ago, Windows was deemed a big, meandering beast — one that was weighed down by the myriad applications bundled with the operating system. Thankfully, this isn’t the case today, and Windows 7 represented a major step away from “bundled bloat”.

Today, I’d like you to introduce you to a few applications that are equivalent to those bundled to much acclaim with Apple’s OS X. There’s a wealth of software available for Windows, and these picks will give you a fantastic basic series of apps to start out with.