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Lenses are one of the coolest features in Windows Phone 8. So what exactly are they? Think of a DSLR camera, you buy a camera body of your choice, which you then pair up with a lens that fits your needs. There is a wide array of lenses to choose from, each with its own purpose for example macro lenses for shooting objects up close, wide angle lenses for taking shots with a very wide perspective.

Camera lenses on WIndows Phone 8

Camera lenses on WIndows Phone 8

Think of your Windows Phone 8 camera app as the camera body. You can then spice it up by downloading camera lens apps which add more functionality to your camera. You can launch your lens apps directly from within the camera app. The first button with two arrows launches lenses…and there you see all your installed lens apps.

Read on to find some of the ones I really like and would recommend!