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Apple released the highly anticipated update for iTunes December last year, and the redesign has caused much controversy around the Globe. But what do we think at AppStorm?


There’s no dearth of music players out there in the Windows universe, each one with a unique take on how such an app should look and function. From the humble Windows Media Player to the feature-packed Winamp to the infinitely customizable foobar2000, there’s something for every taste. But just when you thought we had every base covered, I came across Stoffi Music Player.

Designed by a cross-national team of four to fit in with native Windows programs and be as simple to use as possible, Stoffi Music Player takes a novel approach towards finding and playing back audio on your PC and beyond. The app includes some interesting features that make it worth trying out — but will you stick with it? Let’s turn the volume to 11 and find out!


Anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod will have battled with iTunes. It is a piece of software that is unlikely to feature in many people’s top ten but it’s something that pretty much goes hand in hand with owning an iOS device.

If you live in a house where several people listen to music from iTunes, it makes sense to create a centralized library so that everyone can access the music they want without having to worry about which computer they are using. This is exactly what MediaRover enables you to do.