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Internet Explorer is synonymous with a slow browsing experience, painfully slow startups and incorrectly rendered web pages. Because of this reputation, Internet Explorer’s latest iteration has not been tried by most people.

But, if they were to give it a chance, is there any possibility that it could replace a Firefox or Chrome installation?


Microsoft created ripples all across the globe when they launched their new campaign last week. Love it or hate it, IE is the world’s most popular browser, even today. The very fact that more than 56% of the world uses it speaks volumes for and with IE10 all set to hit the shelves, I can only expect these numbers to grow.

Personally, I hate IE with all my heart, including and especially IE6. It’s the most annoying browser I’ve ever seen, if you choose to ignore the brief moments I had with IE4 & IE 5. But there is no denying that IE made modern-day browsing what it is today. From early adoption of JavaScript to the latest HTML5 canvas, it has evolved so much over the years. Today, we’re going to take a look back at the evolution of the one browser that everyone loved to hate.