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Most of the Windows regular users like to have antivirus and firewalls suites installed and running on their systems, but most of the time they don’t really care or realize what they are dealing with. If the security software finds a threat, they just put it to work and take care of that issue. Now, do you even know where most of the threats come from? Do you know which of the Microsoft’s latest operative systems is safer?

In this article I will explore some of our time’s security issues, getting to grips with the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (Volume 13: January – June 2012), going into further detail about the top 3 Windows 7 infections.


Taking advantage of the rise of portable devices, an ever-growing number of viruses designed to affect them are being found. By default, whenever you plug in a storage device in your computer, Windows automatically enables a auto-play function, which runs the a file called “autorun.ini”. Such malware uses “autorun.ini” as a vector of transmission and, through that auto-play, infect your computer.

Most paid antivirus suites scan USB devices for viruses as they are plugged into the computer, which does not happen with most free ones. If your antivirus does not provide such feature, USB Immunizer, developed by BitDefender Labs, might be the perfect solution to improve your security, as it automatically disables the auto-play function and injects a vaccine into your device, leaving it perfectly immunized against such infections.