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Everyone likes to stamp their own mark on their computer, and many people spend hours on end tweaking settings and using customization tools. But one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the look of Windows is to simply change your desktop background.

You could use a photo that you’ve taken yourself, but if you find that your photography skills are not quite up to scratch, there is a plethora of sites from which you can download all manner of wallpapers. Below you’ll find 50 of the best images we’ve managed to find – some are provided at various resolutions while others are only available in one size. Either way you should be able to find something to adorn your desktop.


When you have taken the time to take photographs, it seems a shame to keep them to yourself and leave the images stagnating on your hard drive. Just as regular photos are best framed and hung on the wall, so digital images should be shared with others as well.

If you have a web site or blog, you might want to post your favorite shots to share them with the world, or you may prefer to just share them with friends and family via email. Whichever of these applies to you, you’re probably going to need to resize your photos, and this is where FreeSizer can help you out.


There are numerous reasons why you might want to take screenshots of what is happening on your desktop. If you are creating a tutorial guiding people through a particular task, screenshots are perfect for illustrating things in a way that everyone can understand. If you have a blog and you decide to review a web site or a game, you’ll probably want to include screenshots.

There’s nothing to stop you from simply hitting the Print Screen key on your keyboard and pasting the image from the clipboard into your favorite image editor, and if you have Windows 7, you could use the Snipping Tool to gain access to a few more options. But if you want complete control over the screen capture process, you might be interested in taking a look at Screenshot Captor.