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Everyone has run into this at least once before: Skype’s infuriating inability to synchronize messages across devices means that you get multiple alerts about the same message.

One on your phone, then your tablet, laptop and desktop to clear manually. It’s frustrating and ruins the entire experience, but we have good news: Microsoft has announced that Skype will get message synchronization in a future update.


The number of chat accounts one has to sign up to keep in touch has increased exponentially. Of course, you can download separate apps for specific accounts and use it but running multiple apps in the background will kill your phone’s performance. Not to mention the sheer amount of logging in and micro managing that you’ll have to do.

This is when IM+ comes along. IM+ is a mobile application which lets you to sign in to multiple chat services and chat with your friends simultaneously from different accounts.


The ability to communicate with each other is one of those areas that got revolutionized in the past few decades. Looking past email, instant messaging, or IMing, was definitely one of those things that was cool when I was growing up.

But are the IM clients from the last era any relevant now? Today, I’d like to take a look at Yahoo messenger.