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What’s the most important component of your computer? RAM? Processor? Monitor? How about your hard drive? As well as being home to Windows itself, your hard drive is where you store all of your documents and it is a piece of hardware that it in constant use whenever your computer is switched on.

The problem with any hard drive is that files become fragmented – they are broken up into a series of small chunks which have to be pieced together whenever they are accessed. This is a serious bottleneck to performance and it is not a problem that can be tackled without the right tool.


Whatever the size of your hard drive, it is amazing how quickly space can get used up. Between installing app and building up a digital music and photographic collection, the number of free gigabytes you have can quickly dwindle.

The problem of running out of hard drive space is nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be thanks to ever-increasing drive capacities, but it can still be useful to find out just how all of your storage is being used. Can Folder Size help you out? Let’s find out!