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Windows 8 is coming, but the sky isn’t falling in spite of much of the coverage of the release. You’ve read articles describing how terrible it is. You’ve listened to tech writers describing it as the disaster that will kill Microsoft. You’ve heard that no company will adopt it and everyone will either move to another platform or stay on Windows 7 forever instead of enduring Windows 8.

Of course all this has been written about every recent version of Windows. Those same tech departments that refuse to give up Windows XP today once said they’d never go to Windows XP. The people saying they’ll never leave Windows 7, once said they’d never install Windows 7. Every version of Windows brings changes that range from minor to extensive.


Your monitor is pretty important. You can spend all the money in the world on the hardware inside your case but you’re never going to actually look at that. The monitor will be the actual device that reflects all your hard-work and will be staring into all day. For this reason your screen needs to be high quality and be the same standard as everything else inside.

In this article, I’m going to discuss my four of my favorite displays on the market, showing you what you can actually get for your money. We’re not going to get too crazy though. This means $1000+ IPS panels are out. We’re going to stick to the more affordable ones this time around. Read on to find out more!


Over the forthcoming months at Windows Appstorm, we will be looking at each integral part of your computer: from the minor parts to the most important pieces of your machine. We will be reviewing the best choices available to help you make the best choice when building your next PC.

In our first edition, we will be looking at the best on offer in terms of computer cases. An important part of your computer, it needs to be suited towards your certain needs to control and stabilize the other hardware. In this article, I will be looking at four different price bands, choosing my favourite case from each.

Hopefully some of them will appeal to you! Read on to find out!