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If you’ve read my “Apps I Couldn’t Live Without” article you will know that Ginger is one of my favourite applications. Ginger is a free application which quickly grammar checks writing and picks up on any typos or mistakes you may have made.

If you would like to read my full review of Ginger click here: Ginger: An Invaluable Tool For Writers.

Recently I came in contact with one of main members of the Ginger team, Dudu Noy. He was kind enough to speak to me about everything from the beginning of Ginger, all the way to what the future holds. Read on to find out more!


On Windows.Appstorm, over the next few weeks, the writers on the site are going to be giving you more information about their workflows. As the title suggests, each writer will show you the apps they use to help write the articles you read and love. The series will talk about the apps from a very personal view and if we’ve done reviews of the apps in the past we will link them. Alongside this we’ll add a brief paragraph introducing ourselves to you.

Think of this series as a “getting to know the writers”/ “learn about some fantastic apps which you should be using.” We hope you like it!


As a writer I’m always looking for tools to help make my job easier. Grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously one of the most embarrassing experiences for any writer. And even the best of us make mistakes sometimes. These normally come as accidental and can lead to work not being accepted. After being annoyed by this for months I decided I needed a utility to assist me.

That’s when I found Ginger, a free and easy to use grammar checker. Though, when I first found Ginger I was skeptical, because most of these pieces of software require payment and are difficult to use. However, this seemed like the perfect tool for me, and probably you too! Read on to find out more!