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Over the past few weeks, the writers here at Windows.AppStorm have been sharing the apps that they have found to be essential while writing. It’s been very interesting to see how my fellow writers work as well as the diverse range of apps that they use. Now it’s time for me to share my list of apps that I couldn’t write without.


Everybody enjoys listening to music. However, what really determines your listening experience is how you decide to listen to your music. Many music lovers are moving their music to the cloud. While this is far more convenient compared to the traditional method of having a locally stored library, the quality of music is not always preserved.

Audiophiles such as myself typically use desktop players. Many desktop music players such as iTunes don’t always perform very well and don’t look too great either. If you happen to be on the lookout for a responsive,¬†aesthetically¬†pleasing, and free music player, Foobar2000 may be what you are looking for.

Is it worth checking out? Let’s take a look!