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A few months ago on Windows Appstorm I reviewed Fontli. For me this was something brilliant, without Instagram on our Windows Phones Fontli filled a gap in the image social network category. Since then I’ve been using Fontli consistently and normally can’t go a single day without checking up on the latest images.

If you would like to read my full review follow this link: Fontli: Embrace The World Of Typography.

I’ve always been keen to interview the developers of some of the apps I love and today I have my chance. Anand Nair, UX designer, is an integral part of Fontli’s team and he was kind enough to let me interview him. Read on to find out what happens in the background of Fontli and how the team is structured!


Photography apps seem to pop up everywhere we go. Searching through the marketplace I constantly come across the “next big thing” in the photography category. It seems that the majority of us have moved on from the normal social networks and have transferred over to the world of photo social networking.

Unfortunately, we Windows Phone Users lack the ability to download the most popular app of this kind, Instagram. Until I came across Fontli, which quickly becoming one of my favourite apps. Fontli supports a sleek design which works perfectly with the layout. However, the most interesting feature is that all the pictures revolve around typography and how the letters are structured – something I hadn’t seen before.