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The idea of tabbed program interfaces is far from new – it is something that has been present in web browsers and numerous other applications for many years now. It’s a great alternative to having to work with multiple window for the same program, and makes it easier to switch between documents and views than using menus.

But strangely, tabs are something that have not really made their way into Windows itself. While Internet Explorer is adorned with tabs, the same cannot be said of Windows Explorer. That is, until you install the free utility TabExplorer.


If you keep your hard drive in any sort of order, it’s likely that when you download files, you have a number of folders that you use on a regular basis. Photos may end up getting moved to one folder while video get moved to another.

QuickMove is a free tool that can be used to automate this process. The program can be used to create rules that will be used to automatically move files to particular folder based on their file type.


While it is not exactly difficult to create folders in Windows to help keep your files and shortcuts organized, it is a process that can take just a little too long.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create folders on the fly, without the need to fiddle about with context menus, Smart Folders could be just what you need.


If you share a computer with someone else, or you are in an environment in which someone else could access your computer, you’ll be aware of the need to protect your privacy. In the case of shared computers, it is easy enough to set up individual user account for everyone, each of which can be password protected and will effectively keep everyone’s files separate.

Having a folder on your desktop called ‘My super-secret files’ in which you store all of your private documents, financial information, journal entries and personal photographs is almost asking someone with prying eyes to take a peek inside. Wise Folder Hider is a free privacy tool that can be used to conceal private files and folders very quickly and easily.


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