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We all want to get the very best out of our devices! Who doesn’t love finding out a new trick or shortcut?

Over the last month every AppStorm site has published an extensive roundup of features and shortcuts aimed at helping you get the most out of your devices! Each post comprises more than 40 entries, I’m pretty confident you’ll find something you didn’t already know about…

What are you waiting for?

"What's that?" you say. "You know what I'm looking forward to?" Yes. Yes I do. I am many things, but most of them can be lumped into the over-arching group of "geek."

And chances are pretty good that if you're reading about Windows 8 before the beta, you're a geek to. So while shorter boot times, Metro UI, and an updated Windows Explorer certainly features you may be looking forward to, let's look at the real reasons we should care about Windows 8.


Windows 7 has been out for ages now — its successor is but a few months away. With a big portion of the world’s population running this operating system, its nooks and crannies are well explored. Well, almost!

Here are more than forty not so obvious features and shortcuts to make your life that much more easier! In the interest of keeping this fairly lightweight, I haven’t included your run of the mill registry hacks and such. Look for a nerdier roundup very soon! Now off we go!