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The radio is a very important medium for me. It gives me the ability to quickly receive my daily dose of entertainment, music and news at the same time. And the best part about the radio is that you have such a wide choice on what you would like to listen to. However, most built in radio apps are poor and that’s why I use TuneIn Radio on every mobile device I own.

First discovering the app on my Nexus 7 I soon downloaded TuneIn on my Windows Phone too. Since that point I’ve been using the app everyday while on transport or waiting for lessons to begin. Read on to find out how great TuneIn Radio can be on your Windows device!


This is part four in my series about how to cut off your cable or satellite TV subscription and move on without, hopefully, missing a beat. We have looked at Media Center and alternatives, media servers and software for watching TV and movies. Now it is time to move on to more hardware — in this case set top boxes and extenders.

Most people think of set top boxes as the DVR they get from their cable or satellite provider, but that does not even scratch the surface. Extenders are similar, and pretty much all of the devices list below fall into that category. An extender simply means a device that can pull media from other locations on your home network — mainly your computers and servers.


Not only can our smartphones be fantastic tools for business and productivity, they’re great for just wasting time watching video, listening to music and playing games. Back in October, Ben Clark looked at the best of Windows Phone gaming and today we’re going to continue that theme on by looking at some great music and video apps to kill your time (and productivity).