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Video games are something we all love to indulge. Some are complex, whereas others can be some of the simplest games ever designed. Platform games in my opinion are one the most basic types, but, can also be the most fun and addicting making platform games a worthy candidate for January’s Windows Phone Elite article.

Even if you don’t know what a platform game is, chances are you’ve played a wealth of them already. Wikipedia defines platform games as, “a video game which requires players to jump to and from suspended platforms or over obstacles.” Hopefully, that’s cleared things up.

In this article, I’m going to be looking at the ten best platform games I’ve found for the Windows Phone platform. Read on to find out more!


Travelling from place to place can often be a difficult task. If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll soon have a pretty frustrating task on your hands. On Window’s Phones we all have a map based system. But, this doesn’t cut it most of the time and often leads to greater annoyance.

Don’t fear. For our fifth installment of the Windows Phone Elite series, we are going to cover the best eight apps for making your next journey a bit easier. Read on to find out we recommend.

If you would like to read the last two editions of Windows Phone Elite the links are here: Windows Phone Elite: Photography Apps! and Windows Phone Elite: Finance Management Apps.


Photography apps are a dime a dozen. Personally, on the Windows Marketplace I’ve been through a variety of different apps which haven’t suited my desires as much as I would have liked. This was highly disappointing seeing as I love to edit and create by own photos. Luckily, I actually found some which made the mark. This allowed me to access my inner imagination and actually use my camera as it should be used.

In this roundup I’m going to split the apps into two categories. Firstly, the apps for getting the perfect picture, then some which allow you to have fun with your friends! Hopefully, there will be one for you here!


Managing your money can be a time consuming task which can easily flummox even the best of us. To make this process less difficult you can leverage the gift of technology to help you in your everyday life. And they do say “there’s an app for everything!”

In this roundup I’m going to summarize my 12 favorite apps available on your Windows Phone!